Intermediate Care Facility (ICF)


Intermediate Care Facility (ICF/IID)

Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/IID), is a Medicaid-certified program, serving individuals in a residential group home setting with 24-hour shift staff. Individuals are evaluated, and an individualized treatment plan is developed to assist each individual function at their greatest ability.

ICF/IID is different from HCS services, in that, an individual who has not yet received his/her HCS slot from the local Mental Retardation Authority (MRA), as long as he/she has been diagnosed as having intellectual disabilities, can receive residential services, assuming there are vacant ICF beds available.

Enrollment Information

There is not a waiting list for ICF/IID services and immediate placement may be available.


The individual must have a diagnosis of mental retardation, be in need of and able to benefit from the active treatment provided in the 24-hour supervised setting and meet the Medicaid criteria and the Level of Care determination criteria.

Enrollment Procedure

Each individual receives a comprehensive functional assessment to determine strengths and needs. Individuals choose personal goals, which training is developed to meet.

Support Service Options

✔ Day Habilitation  ✔ Psychology Services  ✔ Supported Employment ✔ Healthcare ✔ Money Management  ✔ Training to Enhance Daily Living needs

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