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Our Texas roots in the community go back to 1978 with the opening of the Lancaster Residential Center, an intermediate care facility for individuals with developmental disabilities (ICF/ID). In the late 80’s and 90’s, seven additional ICF/ID homes were opened in Dallas County. Since then, Caregiver has grown to locations all over Texas, including Grandbury, Sugarland, Lufkin, Amarillo, San Angelo, and Abeline.


Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/IID) is a Medicaid-certified program serving individuals in a residential group home setting with 24-hour shift staff.


The HCS program is a Medicaid waiver program and provides services and supports to eligible individuals as an alternative to intermediate care facilities (ICF/ID) program.


Our behavioral health services are designed To give the individuals an opportunity to work on goals and teach skills for empowerment of personal growth.

Meet Our Placement Specialists

Allow us to help you with any questions you have about placement here in Texas.

Lynn Perez
Lynn Perez
Placement Specialist
West Texas
806-784-0722 x5237 806-787-0747

Lynn Perez Bio

I have worked with the IDD population for over 40 years with experience in the ICF, HCS, TXHMLVG, and CLASS programs. I started working for Levelland Development Center which was a 42 bed ICF Residential facility when I graduated High School in 1980 as an Office Manager. Little did I know that the job I chose at 18 years old would soon flourish into a career that I am extremely passionate about. As my passion for providing services for the IDD population grew, I advanced my position to the administration side as the Administrator at Levelland Development Center and Sunrise House Group Home for American Habilitation Services. In 2017 I was promoted to the Area Director with American Habilitation supervising the areas of Lubbock, Levelland and Amarillo in the ICF, HCS, TXHMLVG and CLASS programs.    In August of 2015, ResCare Inc. bought out American Habilitation Services and I moved into the position of Executive Director for ResCare. During my time with ResCare, one of my greatest accomplishments was when my team and I applied for the “Money Follows the Person” grant with the State of Texas. The Grant was rewarded and we were able to move out the people living in the large 42 bed ICF facility out into the community into homes.   I started working with Community Access in February 2016 as the Regional Director. I was able to grow that program thru my previous relationships with individuals I had supported, families, staff and the local authority. 

My new role with Caregiver Inc. Is the Program Specialist.  I am an excellent source for the referral programs as I have over 40 years of working with people with IDD. Throughout my career, I have built numerous life-long relationships with the families of the people we provide services to. I have also built many relationships with local authorities, State-Supported Living Centers, Guardianship Advocates and other providers.

Throughout my years of being a Director for multiple programs (2005-2020), I have been blessed to work with many people who are equally as compassionate in providing services to people with IDD. With my team members we have accomplished several “Zero Deficiency” surveys in all programs (ICF, HCS, CLASS, and TXHMLVG). As a Director I was also awarded several Financial Accomplishment awards for meeting my financial targets each year. 

I have 3 adult children and 9 grandchildren.  I love spending time with my kids and grand kids. I love supporting my grand kids in their sports or other activities that they are involved in.  I love to travel to visit my grand kids in Arizona and traveling across the Country with my Fiancee. 

Paula Peacock-Owens
Paula Peacock-Owens
Placement Specialist
East Texas
1-833-692-4435 409-291-0622

Prior to transition into current position as Placement Coordinator, Paula served 14 years as the HCS Service Director for St. Giles Living Centers – Beaumont, Texas region. During her time as the Service Director, Paula was able to use her management, marketing and recruiting skills to help bring continued growth to the company. Paula has extensive knowledge with working with individuals and families being served under the Home Community Based Program(HCS), Intermediate Care Facilities( ICF), General Revenue(GR) and or TxHmL Waiver Programs. While working with a network of community partners to include the Local Authorities, State Supported Living Centers, School Districts, Guardianship Agencies and other Advocacy organizations has enhanced Paula’s recruiting skills over the years. Paula brings with her on this journey, 30 plus years of knowledge and experience in working with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Paula is also a parent of a son with Autism. Paula also serves on several community boards to include the IDD-PAC Board for the Southeast Texas Region. Assigned Service Areas include: Lufkin, Beaumont, Baytown, Houston, Mexia, Tyler & Victoria Texas regions 

Penny Stapleton
Penny Stapleton
Placement Specialist
South Texas

Programs and Services

HCS Program

The home- and community-based services (HCS) program promotes and maintains consumer and family involvement in providing individualized program development and community support services for individuals with an intellectual disability.

The HCS program is a Medicaid waiver program and provides services and supports to eligible individuals as an alternative to intermediate care facilities (ICF/ID) program. An individual must have a determination of intellectual disability or a related condition, Medicaid and SSI eligibility, and their Plan of Care must meet program guidelines.

ICF / IDD Program

Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/IID), is a Medicaid-certified program, serving individuals in a residential group home setting with 24-hour shift staff. Individuals are evaluated, and an individualized treatment plan is developed to assist each individual function at their greatest ability.

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Additional Support Service Options

PAS/HAB: This support service option is supported by staff who coordinate and provide services to an individual living in his or her own home or the home of his or her natural or adoptive family members, or to an individual receiving host home/companion care services from Department of Family Protective Services. The individual is provided direct personal assistance with activities of daily living and coordination of community activities and skills development toward greater independence.

Case Coordination: The coordination, integration, evaluation, monitoring and service delivery of all services provided to the individual.

Nursing Services: Nursing services are provided to ensure the general health and well being of the individual. Nursing services provided by LVNs, RNs and 24-hour On-Call nursing staff.

Respite Services: Temporary, short-term and/or emergency care provided as a break for the primary caregiver. Care provided in the individual’s home or at another location.

Day Habilitation: Day activities designed to assist individuals in acquiring, maintaining and improving self-help, socialization and adaptive skills necessary to reside successfully in the community.

Psychology Services: Services are designed to develop, modify or improve the cognitive, social and affective skills of the individual through the use of behavior intervention and learning theories.

Dental Treatment: Services as determined by individual needs including emergency, preventative, therapeutic and orthodontic treatment.

Specialized Therapies: Audiology services, Speech/Language pathology services, Occupational Therapy services, Physical Therapy services and Dietary services to support the needs of the individual.

Adaptive Aids: Adaptive devices, controls or appliances, which enable persons to maintain or increase their abilities to perform activities of daily living or control the environment in which they live.

Minor Home Modifications: This component includes assessing the need, arranging for and providing modifications and/or improvements to an individual’s home to allow for community living while ensuring safety, security and accessibility.

Supported Employment: Services provided in an integrated setting to include ongoing support, supervision and training needed to sustain paid work for the individual.

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At Caregiver, we serve a vulnerable population – people with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Listen as some of our staff share about how much those we serve mean to them.