For people with intellectual and
developmental disabilities.

Caregiver Cares Hotline

The purpose of the helpline is to create a point of contact for any questions or concerns from both inside and outside Caregiver.


Best In-Class Services

Caregiver Inc. is a leading Texas-based provider of services to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). We support our valued clients with the design, delivery, and management of personalized treatment plans in order to help them lead their best lives.

residential Services

Residential group homes, host home / companion care, intermediate care facilities, supported home living and more.

Non Residential Services

Offering social interaction, recreational activities, community activities, sports and educational classes to promote learning and independence.

Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health Services are designed to give the individuals an opportunity to work on goals and teach skills for empowerment of personal growth.

What Sets Caregiver Apart

Our mission is to enable people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to lead their unique lives with dignity, independence, and inclusion.

Innovation Matters

Innovation is at the core of our business as we continue to modernize critical services for our individuals.


Caregiver offers best in class comprehensive care under one team that includes long-term services and supports, nursing needs and behavioral care.


Caregiver’s Remote Patient Monitoring allows our staff to intervene faster by monitoring electronic data such as vital signs, blood sugar levels and more.

Locations in Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Indiana and Ohio

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Providing thoughtful and fulfilling care for your loved one.


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