Caregiver Inc. Announces New Logo & Brand Identity

For Immediate Release

June 28, 2021

Caregiver Inc. Announces New Brand to Reflect Company’s Values and Mission

(FORT WORTH, Texas) – Caregiver Inc., the leading  provider of long-term care services and supports to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), announced today the unveiling of a network-wide rebranding initiative that affirms the growing company’s values and mission.

“We are excited to launch the new corporate brand that represents our commitment to being a best-in-class choice for IDD services,” said Mark Lashley, chief executive officer, Caregiver. “The results of a collaborative process, the fresh branding honors the incredible investment our colleagues make to serve the individuals we care for day in and day out.”

The new visual identity is comprised of components that reflect Caregiver’s core values and the company’s mission to support the unique goals and dreams of the people it serves.

  • Complete Care – A circle stands for completion, signifying our commitment to providing high quality care without end.
  • Total Compassion – Helping hands represent our compassion and focus on supportive leadership.
  • Inclusion & Diversity – Three colors represent our commitment to diversity and creating an atmosphere of inclusion for all people.

Caregiver has experienced a high rate of growth marked by the acquisitions of 20 companies in five states since 2015. Following a break during the pandemic, the company is embarking on a new acquisition season. The rebranding celebrates the company’s success and symbolizes a renewed sense of hope for employees, care providers, and the people they serve.

The company plans to immediately deploy digital assets of the new brand and display new signage at its support center in Fort Worth. Additional branding changes at the company’s locations in Texas, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee and Georgia will begin in the fourth quarter of 2021.