How We Care

Respect for an individual’s abilities is the foundation of our work. We offer a wide range of living, working, and learning opportunities based on each person’s unique abilities and goals.

Providing best-in-class services and fulfilling care

Caregiver Inc. is a leading Texas-based provider of services to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). With our extensive industry experience and resources to support advances in care, Caregiver Inc. will be a constant in delivering your highest quality of care. We support our valued clients with the design, delivery, and management of personalized treatment plans in order to help them lead their best lives.

Residential Services

Residential services vary by state but could include: residential group homes, host home/companion care, ICF homes, supported home living and more.

Non Residential Services

Our day habilitation centers offer social interaction, recreational activities, community activities, sports and educational classes to promote learning and independence.
*Not available in all states.

Behavioral Health Services

Our Behavioral Health Services are designed To give the individuals an opportunity to work on goals and teach skills for empowerment of personal growth.

Caregiver’s holism behavioral program primarily serves individuals in group homes, host homes, and adult day services. Many of these individuals are on psychotropic medications which may alter their mood and behaviors. We also provide services for clients who demonstrate maladaptive behaviors and can benefit from mental health support.

Our team consists of licensed behavioral clinicians who work collaboratively with the clients and their care team to provide the clients with the best possible overall support. We provide behavioral interventions and life-skills training for self-improvement, social skills, home management skills, vocational skills, and emotional regulation. We strive to improve the overall quality of life for each person we serve. 

Where We Serve

We provide intermediate, home, and community care services in innovative and loving environments to thousands of individuals through our affiliates in Texas, Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio, and Georgia.


Our roots in the community go back to 1978 with the opening of the Lancaster Residential Center, an intermediate care facility for individuals with developmental disabilities (ICF/ID).

Our Texas Beginnings

In the late 80’s and 90’s, seven additional ICF/ID homes were opened in Dallas County. Daybreak Community Services, Inc. was founded in 1997 to provide an array of Home and Community-based (HCS Medicaid-funded waiver) services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Growth Beyond Texas

Now, as part of the Caregiver, Inc. family of care services, Daybreak operates HCS waiver homes and ICF/ID group homes, as well as services in individual homes, host home settings, and day habilitation sites. Caregiver has grown to add locations in four additional states: Indiana, Ohio, Georgia and Tennessee.

Providing Care For More Individuals

In 2020, Caregiver focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, providing high quality support and care for our employees and individuals we serve. After a rebrand in 2021, Caregiver is poised to add more locations to the Caregiver family in late 2021 and beyond.