Statement from Caregiver CEO Mark Lashley regarding photos of repairs pending at River Gardens facility:

We are aware of photos circulating on social media channels regarding our River Gardens facility in Texas and want to share some additional information regarding the accusations associated with them. 

Regarding video 

The creator of a TikTok video who shared pictures of one of our Texas facilities did not reach out to Caregiver for a response before making online allegations about conditions at River Gardens or the 98 individuals we serve there. Viewers are therefore provided no context surrounding the content. For example, because some individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities may experience violent episodes and incontinence, sometimes property damage occurs.  When this happens, staff react appropriately and swiftly to restore a safe environment. Not all of the facility currently houses residents. Vacant areas within the facility are not prioritized for maintenance as they are empty, and services are not provided. 

Our River Gardens employees are resilient.
The employees at River Gardens have been through a tough two and a half years, as have many healthcare workers due to the pandemic. We appreciate them for their extraordinary daily work providing care for individuals under challenging circumstances. Claims that our dedicated employees at River Gardens would allow neglect are wholly unfounded, and accusations of abuse are unsubstantiated. 

Recent surveys

We are honored to care for the most vulnerable members of our communities and are proud of our record of providing excellent care to River Gardens residents for over 5 years. Texas Health and Human Services has recently surveyed River Gardens including bathrooms and bedrooms, and the facility received passing marks; minor violations were cited during the last state audit in late 2021.

Commitment to well-being

We want the best for our residents, and it is why the Caregiver team and I are taking any concerns about our facilities and the care provided to our residents very seriously. We will continue to work with our team members at River Gardens to ensure we are immediately addressing necessary repairs and providing a safe, secure, and healthy environment for the individuals we serve. 

We recognize that the accusations made in the social media post may be unsettling, but rest assured that we remain wholeheartedly committed to our mission of providing high-quality care. And we are grateful for the opportunity to care for our wonderful individuals.