Support Manager

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The Support Manager works in conjunction with the Service Coordinator(s) from Local Authorities to ensure that quality services are provided to all individuals, that individuals’ needs are being met in accordance with the individuals’ and families/LARs’ wishes and goals, and that all federal and state rules pertaining to the individual are followed as outlined in the Home and Community-Based Standards (HCS) and Texas Home Living (TxHmL) Texas Administrative Codes (TACs).   

Essential Responsibilities/Job Duties

  • Participates in Special Planning Teams (SPT) with the Local Authority and is responsible for generating documentation regarding the individual’s IPCs, ID/RCs, Implementation Plans, and other team member meetings or documents as required
  • Responsible for monitoring the progress and lack of progress of goals and objectives included in the Implementation Plan
  • Solicits information about satisfaction with programming and services from the individual and/or his/her LAR
  • Meets timelines regarding completion of required documentation as well as timelines for sharing documentation with the individual, LAR, and Service Coordinator and other team members as outlined in the HCS TAC
  • Responsible for following any changes in the individuals’ lives and revising documentation in conjunction with the Service Coordinator when necessary to develop outcomes and programming specific to the individuals’ needs and goals
  • Reviews the progress or lack of progress towards individuals’ goals and outcomes with that individual and his/her family or LAR
  • Responsible for adhering to timelines for notification and notifying the required persons and team members (such as, but not limited to:  individual, nurse, LAR/family, Service Coordinator at the Local Authority, and the Area Director) as outlined in the TACs whenever the individual requires emergency services, restraint, hospitalization, and notification of DFPS allegations, or when the individual experiences any other unplanned life events
  • Protects and promotes an individual’s right to have his/her own money and be learning to manage this money.  At the individual and/or LAR requests, the Support Manager will oversee documentation regarding the individual’s room and board, Trust Fund Expenditures and weekly/monthly spending money
  • Maintains an Individualized Emergency Plan in the individuals’ charts and in their homes that are specific to the individuals’ specialized needs and geographic area. 
Other Duties
  • Assists the Local Authority with permanency planning as outlined in the TAC
  • Maintains an open and professional line of communication with the individual, family members, LARs, and the Local Authority and Service Coordinator
  • Creates and maintains a single record related to the HCS program services that includes: IPC, SC’s agreement or disagreement with the IPC; PDP; implementation plan; behavior plan (if applicable); documentation of progress/lack of progress on implementation plan; documentation on any changes to the individual’s personal goals, conditions, abilities or needs; ID/RC assessment; ICAP; individualized assessments; Physician’s Assessment of Risk (our form); Permanency Plan (if applicable)
  • Works in conjunction with the provider to protect and promote the rights of the individual as described in the Individual’s Bill of Rights, as well as the booklet, “Your Rights in a Home and Community-Based Services (HCS) Program”, which is available on the website
  • Participates in the area’s quarterly Quality Advisory Committee meeting
  • All other duties as assigned by your supervisor/manager
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Knowledge of the HCS program
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks efficiently and effectively
  • Ability to perform all functions as indicated by your supervisor
  • Bachelors Degree or equivalent industry experience
  • Minimum of 2 years working with individuals with developmental disabilities
  • Valid Texas Driver’s license and good driving record
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