State-Testted Nursing Assistant (STNA) – 2nd and 3rd Shifts

Provides Assistance and support for the Nursing Department, Residential Managers, support Managers and other staff members as necessary. These include individual medical documentation for appointments, weights, medication check in and check out. Be the liaison between physician’s office and pharmacy coordinating prescriptions and medication shipping.
Essential Functions and Responsibilities:
  • Organize receiving, collating, and redirecting meds. to individuals in their group homes.
  • Coordinate the notification of meds. received daily in order for HCF pickup.
  • Sorting, by house and individual, the meds. received at the end of each monthly cycle in preparation for:
    • Nurses review of correctly received medication as per the MARS
    • Copying and filing of said MARS for use by nurses, contract RN’s, RM’s and SM’s.
  • Provide safe and legal transference and tracking of controlled meds. to pharmacy and organize a Stericycle pick-up of left over medications for disposal.
  • Maintain an inventory of PRN’s required by individuals as per their MARs.
  • Make appointments for individuals and be the liaison with SMs’ for required paperwork.
  • Prepare consults with appropriate documentation for medical appointments for individuals.
  • Keep track of said appointments and be the liaison with RM’s, staff and medical facilities.
  • Process returned consults; route prescriptions and information to the pharmacy; make copies and route physician reports to nurses; file secondary copies of physician’s notes and instructions for the availability as research material for staff.
  • Track appointments, making them available for nurses, RM’s and SM’s.
  •  Provide notification of appointments via notices to appropriate staff members.
  • Arrange and set up in-house psychiatric clinic for visiting psychiatrists.
  • Assist dietician regarding weights and notices for in-house clinic.
  • Runa a comprehensive weigh-in system and database to keep track of the weights of individuals including foster care, etc. Supply end of month reports to nurses for assessment.
  • Monitor and maintain an inventory for the first aid station for the treatment of individuals and staff on-site including a record of treatments dispensed.
  • Uses
    Daybreak’s guiding Principles and Principles of Decision –Making to ensure the mission statement is evident in all areas of responsibility.
  • All other duties as assigned by your supervisor/manager.


  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills
  • Good writing skills including editing skills
  • Ability to work in a professional environment
  • Exemplary organization and time-management skills
  • Knowledge of curriculum development
  • Prefer knowledge of Texas Administrative Code (TACS) regarding training and personnel requirements for staff working with individuals with developmental disabilities
  • Able to attain and retain all required training certifications
  • Excellent rapport with others, able to gain buy-in from all levels
  • Proficient with Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, Access Database, PowerPoint, Relias, and Pangea


Assisting those we serve to enjoy productive, dignified, and fulfilling lives.