Residential Support Staff Thur-SAt 9p to 9a

  • The RSS directs personal assistance with daily living activities such as grooming, eating, bathing, dressing, and personal hygiene.
  • The RSS assists with meal planning, preparation, and housekeeping.
  • The RSS assists with ambulation and mobility as needed.
  • The RSS secures and provides transportation.
  • The RSS reinforces counseling and therapy activities.
  • The RSS assists with medications and the performance of RN delegated tasks.
  • The RSS supervises and assures individualsā€™ health, safety, and security.
  • The RSS facilitates community activities, natural support, social interaction, participation in leisure activities, and socially valued behavior.
  • The RSS maintains regular attendance and timeliness in duties.
  • The RSS maintains good work and personal ethics in dealing with co-workers and resident consumers.
  • The RSS does not engage in activities other than official business during work hours.
  • The RSS presents a neat, clean appearance; dressed appropriately for the job, and practices personal hygiene.
  • The RSS adheres to Attendance Policy ā€“ Works when scheduled, beginning and ending work as expected; calls in according to policy; observes policies on break and lunch periods; uses work time appropriately, records all hours worked as instructed.
  • The RSS reports incidents/injuries on time.
  • The RSS cooperates in internal/external investigations.
  • The RSS maintains the confidentiality of company and consumer information.
  • The RSS participates and assists in developing the Personal Development Plan (PDP) for the individuals served.
  • The RSS ensures implementation of the PDP as it relates to residential services.
  • The RSS reports to the Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) any problems, proposed program changes, the behavior of individuals served, concerns, training needs, medical concerns, dietary issues, etc.
  • The RSS ensures documentation of behaviors, incidents, injuries, program data collection, medication data, and progress notes completed accurately and on time.
  • The RSS performs all other duties as assigned by management.
  • The RSS accepts direction and feedback from supervisors and follows through appropriately.


Assisting those we serve to enjoy productive, dignified, and fulfilling lives.