OH Registered Nurse

  • Canton,OH
Position Summary

The RN Delegator provides nursing delegation in residential and adult day support settings per OAC 5123:2-6-03, OAC 5123-2-9-37, and OAC 4723-13. 

Essential Functions and Responsibilities

  • The Registered Nurse (RN) will assess circumstances are stable and that delegation of the medication, health-related activities, or insulin and other injections for metabolic hypoglycemic disorders administration is safe and appropriate.
  • The RN will complete a statement of delegation for each person who requires delegation for their medication administration, performance of health-related activities, administration of medication by stable-labeled gastronomy or colostomy tube and/or insulin and other injections for metabolic hypoglycemic disorders.
  • Certified personnel will receive individual specific training, detailed information and written step by step instructions from the delegating nurse, regarding medication administration, performance of the health-related activities/nursing tasks, administration of medication by stable-labeled gastronomy tube or stable-labeled colostomy tube or insulin and/or other injections for metabolic hypoglycemic disorders.
  • The RN will observe the skills of certified personnel at least annually or more often as needed. The RN has the authority to withdraw delegation if the nurse believes the certified personnel is not or will not safely perform the delegated nursing task or activity.
  • The RN must provide ongoing supervision of the delegated actions.
  • The RN will provide on-going communication of health-related concerns and updates to the operations team.
  • The RN will maintain open communication with the operations team, guardians, treating physicians, specialist, pharmacy, county board professionals and other supports.
  • The RN will report abnormal findings to the physician and operations team in accordance with standards of the Ohio Board of Nursing, laws and rules as well as agency policies and procedures.
  • The RN will teach the DODD medication administration certification courses for developmental disabilities personnel.
  • The RN will travel to consumers service sites at various times 1-2 times per month and for special situations that may increase visit times with travel expected at least 50% of the time
  • The RN will provide 24 hour a day, 7 days a week on-call consultation for the certified developmental disabilities personnel performing tasks under delegation.
  • The RN will document all activities in the agency documentation system
  • Other duties as assigned
Education and/or Experience
  • Graduate of an accredited School of Nursing
  • Active license in the State of Ohio
  • Certified in CPR through an approved provider
  • Demonstrated competence through practical and written test
  • Shows leadership ability, using thoughtful approach to staff needing direction or making request while giving clear direction
  • Able to organize time and activities so as to complete assignments timely, effectively and accurately.
  • Utilizes the nursing process in delegating nursing tasks.
  • Able to respond to stressful situations both with patients, families as well as with co-workers in a constructive, timely, and professional manner