GA Community Facilitator Savannah

Essential Functions and Responsibilities

• Behavior should be professional at all times and consistent with Caregiver’s culture, mission, values,
and policies and procedures, including treating clients and others with dignity and respect.
• Assist participants in maintaining safe and healthy lifestyles, and monitor for changes in their general
health, appearance, behavior, and patterns of activities.
• Responsible for monitoring and maintaining a clean, safe, and secure environment for participants at
all times.
• Assist with and/or train participants in, activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, grooming,
other person hygiene, feeding, toileting, transferring and other similar tasks.
• Plan and support participants in daily activities, which may include, but not limited to, household chores, meal preparation, recreational activities, learning activities, physical fitness activities, and money management.
• Assist participants with therapeutic exercises, supervising self-administration of medication, documenting on food and/or liquid intake or output, and performing other medically related services, including health maintenance activities such as provide training and assistance to participants in making healthy dietary choices and following any pre-established orders by medical professionals.
• Provide training and support to participants in the areas of social, emotional, physical and special intellectual development in conformity with participants’ Individual Service Plan (ISP) or behavior support plan (BSP).
• Submit documentation and complete paperwork in a timely manner, as necessary, to meet Caregiver Inc’s, federal, and state regulatory requirements.
• Complete required, on-going training and documentation requirements within Caregiver Inc and state required timeframes and meeting region required competency levels.
• Safeguard participant protected health information and other confidential information.
• Report to work on time, and if unable to report to work, or if there is a need to come to work late, or
leave early, follow Caregiver’s Leave Policy.
• Perform other job related duties as assigned by designated and/or authorized staff.
• Safely transport clients to and from recreational activities, errands, work, and personal appointments, and comply with Caregiver’s vehicle safety, maintenance and cell phone use policies

• Assist with all housekeeping in the Day Hab including cleaning and sterilizing restrooms.