Behavior Support Clinician (LPC, LPC-Associate,, or LCSW)

Behavioral Support Provider 

(This position is not remote)

Position Summary

The Behavior Support Provider will provide services for the individual in our program. The duties involve directly providing services to the individuals with an intellectual development disorder (IDD) or related condition. The Behavior Support Provider will be responsible for knowing and following the pertinent rules and regulations in the Texas Administration Code for all waivers, as well as local and company policies.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities

  • The Behavior Support Provider will work with individuals, treatment teams, and directors to write, implement and monitor behavior support plans and guidelines for individuals which comply with HHSC guidelines and codes; systematically evaluates efficacy of plans and revises or provides revisions as needed.
  • Act as a primary resource to the staff, support members and directors in understanding disabilities and positive behavior support by provide ongoing in-services and education to the staff on general and individual based behavioral supports as well as concepts and procedures for functional behavioral analysis, including but not limited to methods for gathering and summarizing behavioral data and implementation of strategies.
  • Perform direct observations of individuals for behavioral assessment and development
  • Work hands on with the staff in the day habilitation centers and the in facilities to ensure full implementation of the behavior program
  • Conduct behavioral assessment and written reports and plans including but not limited to observational reviews, justification of services, mental status exams, Functional Assessments, Intakes, Analysis, Monitoring Reports, Mental Health Support Plans and Behavior Intervention Programs.
  • Track hours of contact and meet standards requirements for billing purposes
  • Responds to critical incidents involving aberrant or illegal behaviors on the part of persons served by providing guidance and post-intervention care to individuals, families, guardians and service providers
  • Ensure comprehensive notes for billable and non- billable services are written in accordance with State and Federal Billing Guidelines.

Qualifications and Education

  • Must have at least a master’s degree in Psychology, Social work, Special Education, or related field from an accredited university as well as a clear license to practice in the state of Texas as an LPC, LPC-Associate, or LCSW
  • A licensed clinical social worker in accordance with Chapter 501 of the Texas Occupations Codes
  • A licensed professional counselor in accordance with Chapter 501 of the Texas Occupations Codes