Caregiver, Inc. Launches College Internship Program, Recruits Top Texas Students from Six Universities

(Fort Worth, TX…) Mark Lashley, President and CEO of Caregiver, Inc., a leading provider of services to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), has announced that the company has created a competitive college internship program for the next generation of servant leaders in its Fort Worth headquarters and support center office. The first interns are now completing their summer with the organization of over 3500 employees in four states.

Chief Human Resources Officer Dau Tucker and her team led program design, curriculum development and recruitment of the first class of participants. According to Ms. Tucker, for the inaugural 2019 summer session, Caregiver received over 50 applicants, conducted 35 interviews, and ultimately hired six students from across the state of Texas to work for a summer in accounting, operations, HR, and mergers and acquisitions.

Caregiver Summer Interns“As the next generation of talented and compassionate students graduate and enter the workforce, we want them to think of Caregiver first as an employer of choice,” said Ms. Tucker. “It was important that we offered challenging and meaningful work, leaving each intern feeling that they have contributed to our mission and made an impact on the lives of others. Caregiver is an ideal employer for people who want their careers to align with a mission driven organization that serves an important and vulnerable population of individuals in our communities.”

Caregiver’s summer 2019 class of interns:

  • Casey Anthony – University: UTA, Major: Finance, 2019/2020 Year: Junior, 2019/2020 Year: Senior, Caregiver Department: Accounts Payable
  • Collin Curry – University: Baylor, Major: Accounting, 2019/2020 Year: Senior, Caregiver Department: Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Briane Emerson – University: Texas Woman’s University, Major: Finance, 2019/2020 Year: Senior, Caregiver Department: HR and Operations
  • Savannah Rodricks – University: Texas A&M, Major: Communications, 2019/2020 Year: Junior, Caregiver Department: HR
  • Yan Rodriguez – University: Texas Wesleyan University, Major: Accounting, 2019/2020 Year: Senior, Caregiver Department: Accounts Payable
  • Alex Wallace – University: TCU, Major: Economics, 2019/2020 Year: Senior, Caregiver Department: Accounting

After Caregiver’s human resources team cultivated relationships with universities across Texas, they successfully attracted conscientious, hard-working students looking for hands-on professional experience in a thoughtful, helpful environment.

“We want our students to learn what it’s like to work in a business that serves individuals with IDD, to help them better see and serve their neighbors,” commented Ms. Tucker. “As well, we want to aid them as they make their next steps and decisions in their coursework and careers.”

Briane Emerson

A senior at Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Briane Emerson’s Caregiver human resources and operations internship opened her eyes to a new career path.

Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony, a junior at University of Texas at Arlington, was drawn to Caregiver’s mission of helping individuals with IDD reach their potential and live with dignity.“I wanted to apply my college coursework and help make a difference in people’s lives,” said Ms. Emerson. “This summer, I loved my work here so much, I’m considering shifting from finance to recruiting.”

“In the accounting/accounts payable department, I supported a variety of departments while also taking on special projects,” said Mr. Anthony. “I’ve learned so much from my mentors here, and I’m humbled by Caregiver’s work and the people they serve.”

“My work here made me think twice about our world and the individuals who really need help from great companies like Caregiver,” Mr. Anthony concluded.Caregiver’s interns reported that the company provided them with practical, real-world experience they can take back to school as they complete their studies. As well, the company has enlightened them about fellow citizens too often marginalized, overlooked or forgotten.

The 2019 internship class was asked if they would recommend Caregiver’s program to future intern candidates, and the response was a resounding, “Yes.” For students seeking a corporate office where the focus is on professional skills development and servant leadership, Caregiver offers an enjoyable, supportive environment. To apply for future internship opportunities, contact Tiffany Burns, Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant at (386) 383-6390 or [email protected]

About Caregiver

Caregiver, Inc., is a privately held company with over 3500 employees within the headquarters support group and branded affiliates in four states. They provide a wide range of intermediate, home and community care services to nearly 2800 individuals who qualify as developmentally or intellectually disabled or are impacted by related conditions. Formed in 2015, Caregiver headquarters are at 4800 Overton Plaza, Suite 440, Fort Worth, Texas 76109; (800) 299-5161. Visit


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